RUCONEST dosing and administration

Recommended dose of RUCONEST for an HAE attack

Discuss dosing with your healthcare provider to help ensure that the correct dose of RUCONEST is administered.

Dosing by body weight

Body weighta

RUCONEST dose for IV injection

Volume (mL) of reconstituted solution (150 U/mL) to be administered

<84 kg (185 lb)

50 U per kg

Body weight in kg divided by 3

84 kg (185 lb)

4200 U (2 vials)

28 mL

a1 kg=2.2 lb

How to administer RUCONEST

  • RUCONEST is administered by slow intravenous (IV) injection over approximately 5 minutes
  • Patients may self-administer RUCONEST after receiving appropriate training by a qualified healthcare professional
  • RUCONEST should be administered upon recognition of an HAE attack

The importance of vein care

Tips to ensure optimal vein health for patients self-administering RUCONEST

RUCONEST can be self-administered by appropriately trained patients, so it's important that you do everything you can to take care of your veins. Below are some tips to help keep your veins healthy and viable.

Vein Care Dos:
  • Find a well-lit area to do your infusion
  • Make sure to alternate arms when infusing your RUCONEST doses
  • When choosing a vein, look for one that feels bouncy, not stiff or rolling!
  • Use a tourniquet to apply pressure and help your vein become more prominent for easier access
  • Stay hydrated
HAE Vein Care Instructions
Vein Care Don'ts:
  • Don't rush. Staying calm will help you to easily access your veins
  • Don't use veins that are red, inflamed, or sore to touch
  • Don't forget to remove the tourniquet. Leaving it on for a long time may cause damage to your veins
HAE Vein Care Instructions

Important Note: Veins that are red or inflamed may be a sign of infection. Infusing with an infected vein may cause permanent damage. Talk to your healthcare provider about what you can do to treat red or inflamed veins


RUCONEST is a plasma-free C1-INH proven to help treat HAE attacks.

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